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Acousto-optic setup including AO modulators, fixed frequency shifters and Variable frequency shifters
AA was founded in 1979, under the name «Automates et Automatismes». It became a limited company in 1988 under the new name of AA Sa (OPTO-ELECTRONIC Division), specialising in acousto-optic components and their associated RF drivers. Early products included a multi-beam, low RF power modulator for use in the near infra-red and a compact 2-axis deflector system, completed in the 90’s by AA’s famous polychromatic modulator. Since then the range of products has increased dramatically.

Nowadays, AA is a world leader in the manufacturing of quality Acousto-optic and radio frequency devices. Close collaboration with universities and research institutes, provided invaluable knowledge and experience in the design and manufacturing processes of Acousto-optic devices and radiofrequency sources. Continuous R&D keeps pace with advances in laser and electronic technology to ensure AA continues to offer state-of-the-arts products. AA offers its customers solutions from prototype design to large volume manufacturing thanks to its internal resources:

In-house design capabilities: AO design software, opto-mechanical design software, RF/microwave simulation software.

In-house manufacturing capabilities: X-ray orientation, crystals and glasses sawing and polishing, Anti reflection coatings, metallic deposition, molecular bonding under vacuum.

In-house test and quality control equipments: Laser interferometers, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, a large range of lasers for final tests and controls, and more.

Mastering all critical areas of the AO and RF technology, allows AA to accompany its customers from the concept design to large volume manufacturing, and to respond efficiently and flexibly to any request. AA thrives to maintain a high-tech up-to-date line of products and excellent service. Our company is ISO 9001 certified: this is a guaranty for service and quality... All our products are RoHS compliant.

Our Headquarter is located in ORSAY, near Paris. This is also our optical manufacturing center. All RF drivers are manufactured in our St Avertin plant, located 200 kms south of Paris.

AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC est un spécialiste de la fabrication des composants acousto-optiques tels que Modulateurs, Shifters de fréquence fixe et variable, Déflecteurs, AOTF (Filtres accordables), Obturateurs optiques, Q-switches, Pulse Pickers, Composants fibrés...
La société a été créée en 1979 sous le nom de "Automates et Automatismes" et l'acousto-optique s'est développé au sein de la société jusqu'à devenir la seule activité au début des années 1990. AA OPTO-ELECTRONIQUE maitrise tous les aspects de la fabrication des composants acousto-optiques à partir de la phase de design, jusqu'à la fabrication en passant par l'orientation aux rayons X des axes cristallographiques de la matière, le polissage, la découpe, le traitement anti-reflet, le collage des transducteurs par adhérence moléculaire sous vide, l'intégration opto-mécanique et les tests associés.
AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC dispose de son propre département d'Electronique hérité du savoir faire du Groupe AA en matières RF et Hyperfréquences. Les drivers à base de sources de fréquences fixes ou variables (Quartz, VCO, DDS) et les amplificateurs de puissance sont conçus de façon à optimiser les performances des composants acousto-optiques.