AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC expertise is Photonics, and our components highlight our customers’ applications to their utmost satisfaction.

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AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC is a French Engineering company created in 1979 and headquartered in Orsay located in the south of Paris. Our optical manufacturing plant is based in Orsay while our RF electronic operations are near Tours France. In addition, AA has its own sales company in USA (QUANTA TECH www.quanta-tech.com).

Since the very beginning of the company, close collaboration with universities and research institutes provided invaluable knowledge and experience in the design and manufacturing processes of Acousto-optic devices as well as the radio-frequency sources used to drive them. AA is able to propose solutions from prototyping to large volume manufacturing thanks to its internal resources and In-house capabilities.

Today AA is the only ISO9001, European industrial manufacturer of Acousto-Optic devices.

« Our mission is to manufacture high quality and State of the art products for our customers thanks to our unique staff expertise and continuous improvement in AO & RF technologies. »

Franck Darde, Sales Director


We work with Universities, R&D labs and OEM customers worldwide providing standard or customized components for the most demanding applications. We serve the medical and biomedical markets by supplying the components needed for cutting-edge solutions in diagnostics, analysis, imaging and treatment.

  • Our high-performance components are widely used in all quantum applications, from communications and sensors to quantum computers, providing the precision, stability and efficiency needed to manipulate photons or particles.
  • Our pulse pickers and high-power components are at the heart of marking, engraving and soldering systems, delivering unrivalled performance in the materials processing Industry.
  • Finally, our engineers offer clever and innovative solutions for all scientific applications involving the properties of light, in order to measure, modulate, frequency-shift, filter or deflect light beams.

We offer our products either directly to customers or through a well-established portfolio of distributors throughout the world.

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“Our values are based on Confidence, Long term partnership with our partners and customers, Technical and Service Excellence, Social responsibility, Sustainable supply chain and products.”

Franck DARDE, Sales Director

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“Our vision is to be a world leader and a trend-setter in the supply of acousto-optic components and associated RF drivers.”

Franck DARDE, Sales Director


The core competence of the acousto-optic components industry is dependent on four key elements: namely processes, materials, equipment and the capability to fully exploit acousto-optic performance by optimizing the RF drivers. AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC is one of the few companies that has its own unique technology platform and fully mastered In-House supply chain.

AA not only possesses more than 40 years of relevant experience, but also proprietary glass and crystal working techniques, equipment technologies and computer simulation capabilities. This lays a solid foundation for the Company to provide products with the best quality and highest performances, and to develop innovative products quickly.

The AO product range covers any wavelengths from 180 nm to 11µm while the RF product, cover any frequency from DC to 3GHz and up to 500W output power. We make sure to propose a complete matched set of AO + RF product for the best user experience.