Custom developments

In case you do not find a product that meets all your requirements, we will be pleased to work with you on a custom development.

Custom developments
ao custom developments

Follow your need

Thanks to our full control over manufacturing process, our team will assist you on your specials requirements or new custom developments in the following fields :

  • Acousto-optic devices
  • Radio frequency devices
  • Electronics / Analog-Digital
  • Optical components and opto-mechanical solutions

For instance, AA Opto-Electronic has developped a new technology for manufacturing high performance multichannel modulators. This is the most effective way of transmitting electrical information in real time on an array of optical beams. Fused silica AO modulators with 16 channels are now available as standard components provided with their separate drivers. These devices offer unique advantage for many applications including digital printing with low crosstalk.

Please send your request to AA Engineers in order AA can propose you the convenient product to fit to your application.


Our recent custom developments

Rack Booster

The Q-bit is the fuel for quantum applications and especially quantum computers. The Q-bit race is on, and the growing number of Q-bits is making it possible to achieve unrivalled…

Variable Phase Modulator

Optical phase shifting is required in various interferometric applications such as profilometry measurement, holography or spatial interferometry. There are several ways to make optical phase shifts, and one of them…

Phase Array AODs

In standard AODs, generally the ultrasonic waves are generated by a single transducer which provides a good performance but has got some limitations though, most particularly when used as a…


AA is quite involved in the custom developments of RF electronics whether they are intended to be used with AO devices or for other optical applications. The QUAD DDSPA project…

Miniature 1550 nm fiber AOM

In many industrial or scientific applications, compactness is a critical component of the design in order to optimize system size, mass, cost and use. Optical fibers make it possible to…

The Multiflex Project

AA Opto Electronic is quite proud to make its contribution to the Multiflex Project, by developing and designing a high optical power Acousto Optic Modulator (AOM) together with the associated…