The Multiflex Project

Multiflex Project

What is the Multiflex Project ?

Ultrafast lasers with pulse durations down to the femtosecond range are known for their ultra-precise ablation and cutting results, but also for their long process durations. Funded by the EU, the MultiFlex project aims to make material processing with ultrafast lasers up to a hundred times faster by using a high-power USP laser with more than 1kW average power and a selective multibeam approach to deliver the power efficiently to the workpiece. Several partners are involved in this project including AA Opto Electronic.

AA’s Multiflex Project contribution

AA Opto Electronic is quite proud to make its contribution to this project, by developing and designing a high optical power Acousto Optic Modulator (AOM) together with the associated RF driver. The AOM here is a multi-channel one capable of handling up to 8 beams simultaneously and switching them ON/OFF individually with rise/fall time < 200 ns. Thanks to our RF electronics experience, we have also developed the associated RF driver based on synthesizers with 8 outputs. With this complete set, AA  will certainly help to reduce the overall process time required for this project.