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European Directive RoHS n°2015/863/UE Conformity (RoHS 2 + RoHS 3). Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.


Compliance with European Directive Reach EC n° 1907/2006, including last update of the SVHC list on 24/01/2024 (240 substances).

Acousto-optic & RF driver Catalog 2024

AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC proposes the most complete range of Acousto-Optic devices covering wavelengths from 180 nm up to 11 µm including all associated Radio Frequency drivers and power amplifiers.

Acousto-optic theory – 2013

Modulators – Pulses pickers, polychromatic modulators, fixed & variable frequency shifters, deflectors – AOTF, Q-Switches – Cavity Dumpers, Fiber pigtailed devices, Power Amplifiers, Fixed and variable frequency sources, Custom developments

Q-Switches (french article)

Les lasers dits Q-switchés occupent une large place dans la famille des lasers impulsionnels. Cette technique de génération d’impulsions permet en effet d’obtenir de fortes puissances crêtes, indispensables dans de…

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