Acousto-optic devices

Discover our range of Acousto-optic devices that covers any wavelengths from 180 nm to 11µm, request a quote online.

Acousto optic devices

Our range of Acousto-optic devices

High Resolution Deflectors

An Acousto-optic Deflector provides the possibility to spatially change the position of the diffracted beam by varying the applied RF frequency. The high resolution deflectors uses the shear mode configuration…


Acousto-optic Q-switches are usually intracavity devices with high transmission and high damaged threshold. They equip most Q-switched lasers providing repetition frequencies up t0 hundreds of KHz.

Tunable Filters

An Acousto-optic tunable filter is used to selected one or several wavelengths and transmit them individually or simultaneously. The filters allow also to control their respective intensity.

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