Confocal microscopy

Confocal microscopy: visualizing 3D structures

Confocal microscopy is an imaging technique which is used in various field including medical, biology and material science. It is valuable for visualizing complex 3D structures and dynamic processes within the samples. The principle of operation is based on the selective focusing on a specific plane of interest while eliminating out of focus light from other planes. This technique relies on the use of a pinhole to clock unwanted light, resulting in an optical sectioning and improved image quality compared to traditional microscopy.

Enhanced laser control with aotfs

For both above mentioned techniques, AOTFs (Acousto optic tunable filters) are commonly used to perform intensity modulation on several lasers simultaneously or individually. The AO devices also help to switch from one laser to another. These operations are done quickly due to the fact that there are no mechanical moving parts inside the AO device.

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