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Creator of High quality Acousto-optic devices as well as reliable associated RF drivers

Acousto-optic devices

AA offers Acousto-optic solutions from prototype design to large volume manufacturing thanks to its internal resources and In-house capabilities. The AO product range covers any wavelengths from 180 nm to 11µm .

Our AO devices
acousto-optics devices

High Resolution Deflectors

An Acousto-optic Deflector provides the possibility to spatially change the position of the diffracted beam by varying the applied RF frequency. The high resolution deflectors…

Tunable Filters

An Acousto-optic tunable filter is used to selected one or several wavelengths and transmit them individually or simultaneously. The filters allow also to control their…


Acousto-optic Q-switches are usually intracavity devices with high transmission and high damaged threshold. They equip most Q-switched lasers providing repetition frequencies up t0 hundreds of…

    radio frequency drivers

    Radio frequency drivers

    From fixed & variable frequency drivers to power ampllifiers, AA offers complete solution to drive AO devices. The operating frequencies are all customizable with RF power up to hundred’s of Watts

    Our RF Drivers

    Fixed Frequency drivers

    These RF drivers are based on quartz oscillators and produce a fixed and stable RF frequency from 10 MHz to 3 GHz. These are power amplifiers embedded and can deliver…

    Variable Frequency drivers

    AA proposes a complete range of variable frequency RF drivers based on Voltage Controlled Oscillators or Digital Synthesizers. The frequency control-adjustments can be through USB, RS232, Bluetooth, external analog signals…

    Power Amplifiers

    AA’s Power Amplifiers are designed for general purpose RF/Optical applications. They exhibit large RF bandwidths as well as high RF power while having a low electrical power consumption. They are…

    Synchro drivers

    These drivers have been designed in order to offer highest possible performance in high speed Pulse Picking application. They include a programmable built-in signal generator synchronized on the laser’s repetition…

      AA Opto-electronic

      We are a World Leader in Acousto-optic technology and associated Radio frequency driving techniques. Our Experts playground is Photonics and our components highlight our customers’ applications to their utmost satisfaction.

      AA Opto Electronic

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