DDSH Direct Digital Synthesizers with USB control & Fast sweeping


This specific Direct Digital Synthesizers DDSH is an improved version of the DDS and it offers new features. Via the provided software, the user can select not only the frequency control (Analog 0-5V or Digital 31 bits or USB) but also the amplitude control (analog 0-5V or digital 12 bits or USB). The DDSH should be coupled with an amplifier in order to deliver the required RF power.

Datasheet (DDSHxx-d024)

Additional information

Frequency range

Associated to AO device, Custom

Max RF power(W)

1, 2.5, 4, 10, 20, Associated to AO device, Custom

External Clock

No, Yes (3.5GHz clock input)

Frequency Stability (ppm/°C)

+/- 1

Commutation / sweeping time

ANALOG ADC conversion <14ns, DIGITAL <14ns, USB ms range

Frequency step / Accuracy

ANALOG xx, DIGITAL 0.81, USB 0.81

Power Supply OEM version (24 VDC)

0.77-0.65A (15-24 VDC)

Output RF power (dBm)

-30 to 0 (to be associated with AA Amplifier)

Modulation Input Control (AM)

12 bits digital (4096 levels), Analog 0-5V/ 50 W (other on request), USB (ms range)

Rise Time/Fall time (ns)

<3 @200MHz @analog, <6 @100MHz @12 bits

Harmonics (dBc)

H2 > 30, H3 > 20

Input / Output impedance


Extinction Ratio (dB)

45 @200MHz

Input / Output connectors

DB15 / HD44 / SMAx4

Size / Weight

OEM: 81.5x137x26 (without connectors)

Heat Exchange

Conduction through baseplate for OEM version

Operating Temperature

10 to 40 (max Tcase 50, OEM version)

Storage Temperature

-40 to +70 non condensing