DDSPA4X Quad-output Rack Direct Digital Synthesizers, Phase control, External Clock


The DDSPA4X is a 110-230 VAC rack based on 4 x DDSPA and hence 4 outputs, dedicated to high accuracy applications. Each output can be independently controlled either through parallel ports for fast communication or through USB. User has the possibility to not only control the frequency/amplitude of the 4 outputs but also their respective phases. With the embedded amplifiers, the DDSPA4X delivers the necessary RF power to control the associated AO devices.

Datasheet (DDSPA4Xxx-d024)

Additional information

Frequency range

Associated to AO device, Custom

Max RF power(W)

1, 2.5, 4, 10, 20, Associated to AO device, Custom

Frequency Modulation input

15 bits (15.259 KHz), 23 bits (59.6 Hz), 31 bits (0.23 Hz)

External Clock

No, Yes

Number of Outputs


Frequency Stability (ppm/°C)

+/- 1

Frequency step / Accuracy

HR: 0.23 Hz (31 bits), LR: 15.259 KHz (15 bits), MR: 59.6 Hz (23 bits)

Commutation / sweeping time

≤100 (HR)

Output RF power (dBm)

Up to 10W (others on request)

Power Supply Laboratory version

110-230 VAC

Modulation Input Control (AM)

Digital 8 bits through DB44HD & USB

Phase Input Control PM

Digital 14 bits through DB15HD & USB

Rise Time/Fall time (ns)

< 5ns @200MHz @2W, < 10ns @80MHz @2W

Harmonics (dBc)

H2 > 30, H3 > 20

Output Impedance



< 1.2/1

Extinction Ratio (dB)

45 (for F<250MHz)

Input / Output connectors


Size / Weight

Rack 19”, 2U, depth 500mm

Heat Exchange

Fan + pulsed air

Operating Temperature

10 to 40

Storage Temperature

-40 to +70 non condensing