MPDS(E)nCmX Multi-ouput & Multi-channel Digital Synthesizers, External Clock


AA offers multi-outputs (2 to 8) fixed or variable frequency drivers based on DDS, with phase locked outputs. Based on a common Reference clock, they allow user to create multiple phase locked signals at the same frequency, or stable frequency difference between outputs thanks to the common Reference.

Access to and adjustments of functions is through a RS232 serial link (with computer control) or USB communication.

All parameters are stored in an EEPROM and are automatically loaded after each switch on. Each output is externally controlled by a distinct modulation input signal which can be digital or analog. Additionally, outputs can be simultaneously controlled by a blanking signal.

Datasheet (MPDSnCmX-MPDSEPnCmX-HR-d024)

Additional information

Number of Outputs

4, 8

Number of Channels

1, 2, 3, 4

Frequency range

Associated to AO device, Custom

Max RF power(W)

1, 2.5, 4, Custom

External Clock

No, Yes

Reference clock

Internal Common Reference

Frequency Stability (ppm/°C)

+/- 1

Frequency step / Accuracy


Frequency control


Output RF power (dBm)

Up to 4 watts/output with embedded amplifier (more power with external amp)

Power Supply OEM version (24 VDC)

1A / 4W / output

Power Supply Laboratory version

110-230 VAC

External Modulation Input Controls (AM)

Analog 0-5/50 Ω (1 control per channel)

External Blanking input Control (AM)

TTL/1 kΩ (1 control per output)

Rise Time/Fall time (ns)

10 @100MHz

Output Impedance



< 1.5/1

Extinction Ratio (dB)


Input / Output connectors

DB25, HD44 / SMA (OEM)

Size / Weight

MPDSnC8X: 249 x148 x27.7, MPSnC4X: 129 x 138 x 27.7

Heat Exchange

Conduction through baseplate for OEM version, Standalone (fan integrated) for laboratory versions

Operating Temperature

10 to 40 (max Tcase 50°C)

Storage Temperature

-40 to +70 non condensing