MPDS(P)1C2X-(HR) Dual-output Multi-purpose Digital Synthesizers, Phase control, High resolution


AA offers dual phased locked outputs variable frequency drivers based on DDS. Thanks to a common reference clock, user can generate locked signals in range of 20-275 MHz with high stability.

Access to and adjustments of functions is through a RS232 serial link (with computer control) or USB communication. Adjustments includes frequency and amplitude. As option, AA offer also phase control and a high frequency resolution of 0.31 Hz.

All parameters are stored in an EEPROM and are automatically loaded after each switch on. Each output is externally controlled by a distinct modulation input signal which can be digital or analog. Additionally, outputs can be simultaneously controlled by a blanking signal.

Datasheet (MPDS1C2X-xx)

Additional information

Frequency range

Associated to AO device, Custom

Max RF power(W)

1, 2.5, 4

Phase control

No, Yes

Frequency Resolution

High resolution 0.31 Hz, Standard 1 kHz

Frequency Stability (ppm/°C)

+/- 1

Frequency step / Accuracy


Frequency control


Output RF power (dBm)

Up to 4 watts/output with embedded amplifier (more power with external amp)

Power Supply OEM version (24 VDC)

1.5A / 4W / output

Power Supply Laboratory version

110-230 VAC

External Modulation Input Controls (AM)

Analog 0-5/10k Ω (1 control per output)

External Blanking input Control (AM)

TTL/1 kΩ (1 control per output)

Rise Time/Fall time (ns)

< 10 @100MHz

Input / Output impedance



< 1.5/1

Extinction Ratio (dB)

> 45

Input / Output connectors


Size / Weight

83x120x27.7 (1MODD20005)

Heat Exchange

Conduction through baseplate for OEM version

Operating Temperature

10 to 40 (max Tcase 50°C)

Storage Temperature

-40 to +70 non condensing