TMOD Compact Fixed Frequency


These drivers based on quartz oscillators, produce a fixed stable and accurate RF frequency signal in 10-400 MHz. The built-in power amplifier delivers the necessary RF power up to 4W.

The RF output power can be externally modulated with a TTL (digital) and an analog 0-5V signal.

Datasheet (TMODxx)

Additional information

Carrier frequency (MHz)

35, 40, 80, 110, 160, Associated to AO device, Custom

Max RF power(W)

1, 2.5, Associated to AO device, Custom

Frequency Stability (ppm/°C)

+/- 1

Frequency Accuracy (ppm)

< 50

Digital Control (Pin 3)

TTL / 1 kΩ Pull down (DPC 1 = RF ON)

Full Analog Control

Analog 0-5V / 1 kΩ Pull down

Rise Time/Fall time (ns)

10 @80MHz, 15 @40MH, 8 @200MHz for TTL control

Power Supply OEM version (24 VDC)

0.55A @2W, 0.7A @4W



Output Impedance



< 1.2/1

Extinction Ratio (dB)

60 @200MHz (TTL control), 70 @80MHz

Input Connector


Output Connector


Size / Weight

80 x 60 x 23 mm3 / 170 g

Heat Exchange

Conduction through baseplate for OEM version

Operating Temperature

10 to 40 (max Tcase 55°C)

Storage Temperature

-40 to +85