AO Tunable Filter, Wavelength range 400-650 nm, Aperture 2.5×2.5mm², Operating frequency 52-111 MHz, Spectral resolution 1.6-7.6 nm, RF power max 150 mW, Temperature Stabilization.


This is solid-state AOTF is an electronically tunable bandpass filter for VIS range (400-650 nm). It uses the acousto-optic interaction inside an anisotropic medium (TeO2-S) and allows the selection and transmission of several wavelengths from an incoming laser source. The main advantage of this technique is the total absence of any moving part which leads to a reliable, stable and fast technique for wavelength tuning. The RF frequency applied on the AOTF transducer controls the amplitude of transmitted (filtered in 1st order) wavelength. A complete spectrum analysis can be done by varying the frequency corresponding to the wavelength range. The Main applications are Confocal microscopy, life science imaging and many others.


  • Low RF power.
  • High diffraction efficiency
  • Multiline operation.
  • High colinearity in 1st order.
  • Large separation angle between diffracted and undiffracted orders.
  • High power stability / Pointing stability, Temperature stabilized.
Datasheet (AOTFnC-xx-TN-d024)

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Wavelength (nm)



2.5 x 2.5

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